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Caravans for Sale
2018 Price rewind
We offer a range of services for both caravans, motorhomes and trailers as well as a range of appliance services. All services available and rates can be found below.

Caravan single axle Service £175.00 + VAT Twin axle £199.00 + VAT
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Caravans for Sale
Now £150+VAT
Now £175+VAT
Campers for sale
Standard 50 point Caravan Service
We offer a range of services for both caravans, motorhomes and trailers as well as a range of appliance services. All services available and rates can be found below.
Pressure test gas system
Check regulator
Check 12N and 12S Plugs
Check road lights operation
Check Grab handles
Check Suspension
Inspect brake linkages and cables
Check and adjust brakes
Check Bearings
Inspect Tyres for bulges/splits ect
Check tyre Pressures
Torque wheel nuts
Check Handbrake operation
Campers for Sale
Caravan of the week
Caravan of the Week
Camper of the week
Check and regrease corner steadies
Check for Loose pipes/wires
Lubricate draw shaft
Check damper
Check gaiter and coupling bolts
Check headsprings
Grease coupling head
Check Stabiliser
Check Breakaway cable
Check and regrease jockey wheel
Check Chassis for corrosion
Check body security
Camper of the Week
Fridge service                                                
Carver water heater service
Truma water heater service
Caravan wash and wax from
Motorhome wash and wax from
Collection and delivery from
Gas test, run up and test appliances
Damp and water ingress test
Mobile Homes
Mobile Homes
We will carry out repairs and services to horse trailers, boat trailers, commercial / plant trailers, car & motorcycle trailers and camping trailers.
Cars for sale
Test Fridge (gas/Mains)                        
Check Ice Box                        
Test Oven                        
Test Hob/grill                        
Test Room Heater                        
Test Water Heater (gas/Mains)                        
Test Water Pump                        
Check Water Filter                        
Check taps/shower head                        
Check Pipe work for leaks                        
Check Cassette toilet Pump/Seals                        
Check Mains                        
Check Charger                        

Please note all prices quoted are exclusive of parts and VAT The management reserve the right to change prices without notice
Cars for Sale
Trailers for sale
coachman before and after one of our Valets
awnings for sale
Test Smoke Alarm                        
Check cupboard catches/hinges                        
Check Bed locker hinges/slats                        
Check windows & Catches                        
Check Rooflights                        
Check Blinds and flyscreens                        
Check Flues and Ventilation                        
Check door alignment/fittings                        
Check locker hinges                        
Check Awning Light                        
Check 12v wiring and battery                        
Check interior Lighting                        

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What weight Caravan can I tow ?
Prospective buyers have the opportunity to try a desired Caravan or Motorhome before buying it.
Try before you buy
Meet the Caravan doctor, Caravan faultfing
The Caravan Doctor is always happy to help.
finding and solving a problem
Is an easy to use, step by step guide to
  you might have with your caravan.
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Regular servicing of your caravan or motorhome should pay off in the long run with greater reliability and improved resale value. But there are safety and legal issues too. Every vehicle or trailer is required by law to be in a condition where is does not cause danger to anyone. Some items you can easily check for yourself, such as tyres and lights, but the braking system and the electrical and gas items inside the habitation area are best left to experts if you are not to risk your safety or that of others.
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An un-serviced trailer can lead to loss in insurance claims or prosecution by the law
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