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Caravans for Sale
Bailey Monarch 2 Berth, Series 7
Caravans for Sale
Campers for sale
Campers for Sale
Instead of buying an expensive lubricant especially for the awning rail, rub the beading with a candle instead, or even spray with a little furniture polish. This will make pulling the awning through the awning rail much easier.
Retro Adria Action
Lunar Solaris 4 Berth Limited Edition
Caravan of the week
Caravan of the Week
Camper of the week
Coachman Amara 2 Berth Caravan
Camper of the Week
When storing my awning I put tumble dryer sheets in the awning bag which helps to keep the awning smelling fresh when not in use.
Mobile Homes
Mobile Homes
To save on space and weight when packing, collect all the free sample sachets of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. They are perfect to take on holiday instead of large bottles!
Cars for sale
Cars for Sale
Trailers for sale
Avondale Eagle 4 Berth Caravan
Line up the ball and hitch...Get in the car and put a small mark on the lower rear window. I lined these up with two small dots that I made on the front of the caravan. Now when I reverse, all I have to do is to line up the marks and the ball fits under the hitch without the need for pulling or pushing.
Super Sale Price
awnings for sale
Was £6,995 Now Only £4,995
Bailey Ranger 470 4 Berth Caravan
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What can my car  tow
What weight Caravan can I tow ?
Hang a carrier bag's "handles" over the ends of a plastic coat hanger and hang over the edge of a door or trim door knob etc - making an easy to reach space saving bin!

Prospective buyers have the opportunity to try a desired Caravan or Motorhome before buying it.
Try before you buy
Bailey Pageant Bordeaux
Bailey Bordeaux Fixed bed
4 Berth     
Length 16t
Weight 1180
Awning no
End Washroom no
Shower yes

Fixed Bed
Alko Stabiliser

Was £7,995 Now Only £6,995
Awnings and poles are usually difficult to get back into their orignal bags when packing away. What we do is put the poles in the awning bag and put the awning in an old sleeping bag. Simply lay the unzipped sleeping bag out on the ground, put the loosely rolled up awning on top of it and zip it up. No more having to roll the awning up tighter than a Yorkshireman. Saved me hours in time and gallons of sweat.
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Bailey Pageant Monarch 2 Berth
Bailey Pageant Monarch
2 Berth     
Length 16ft
Weight 1063kg
Awning no
End Washroom yes
Shower yes

Super Sale Price
Comes fully serviced and ready to go

Motor Mover and Stabiliser
Was £6,995 Now Only £4,995
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Sprite Major 5 Berth
Was £6,995 Now Only £5,995
Comes fully serviced and ready to go.....

Vanmaster Acolade
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3 Berth     
Length 18ft
Weight 1300kg
Awning No
End Washroom yes
Shower yes

Alko 3000 Stabiliser
3 Berth Vanmaster Acolade
Lunar Quasar 4 Berth Caravan
TEC Weltbummler 4 Berth
Super Sale Price
Was £6,495 Now Only £4,995
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